wandering in the wilderness

In our Christian walk we sometimes feel isolated and disconnected from God. Sometimes it is just a dry season, a winter in our faith, rather than a spring-time of refreshing.

However, many are the times when it is not a season of our life, but a time when we are walking in a wilderness, seemingly devoid of the presence of God. What we need to realise is that the wilderness is not limitless and unending but temporary and that God has provided the way for us to make a speedy exit.

Two instances, one in each testament, clearly indicate how we can make our exit, or how we maintain our wandering in the wilderness.

The first, in the Old Testament sees the nation of Israel wandering for forty years due to the inability of 10 men to believe the promises of God and obey Him when He set the future path for the nation.

Contrast this to Jesus in the New Testament as He went through the wilderness for forty days. His journey through the wilderness came to an end after He was obedient to His Father in every teat that HE faced.

Forty years or forty days – if it wasn’t for the disobedience and lack of faith of the 10 spies, Israel’s time in the wilderness would have been massively reduced. They paid a high price for their disobedience.

Lord, I want to be obedient.