which web browser are you

Here is an interesting table highlighting speed performance of browsers IE8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

What becomes most interesting is that the weakest performer, IE8 and it’s older siblings, is still the one that most people use. The fastest, Chrome, still has a small share of browser users. So why has IE8 still got the greater percentage of users? Is it ignorance or apathy, because clearly all others are way faster, others (Firefox & Safari) are more secure and there is less bloat on IE8’s competitors. Clearly Firefox is gaining on IE8, and in some statistical surveys, has surpassed it in market share.

I am amazed by some people who wouldn’t even consider trying other browsers for no apparent reason than they have been using various versions if IE since Netscape’s Navigator met its demise. For me security and speed are the key factors in determining my browser of choice, closely followed by a substantial set of features.

My browsers of choice are Safari (Mac OSX) and Firefox 3.5 when I’m running Linux or Windows. What are yours?