an interesting vp nominee

Watching the speech by the Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin was very interesting. I’m thinking, “have they chosen her to woo the Hilary supporters?”, as she made a very impressive speech. She seemed to be a confident and inspirational politician – but who had heard of her.
By the end of her speech I was thinking “what a great choice”. Move forward a day and the commentators were saying that Sarah Palin won’t garner many of the Hilary supporters because she “is a creationist and pro-life”. What I think are positive and highly commendable beliefs appear to many commentators to be a major liability.
How far has society fallen when being a creationist and pro-life condems you, despite you being an acknowledged person of integrity and honesty. Regardless of political preferences, surely character should be a benchmark for people.
As the US presidential race continues, I will be a keen observer of the progress of Sarah Palin. I wish her well.